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Created after various studies conducted by Prof. Pasquale Motolese, who identified as a concause in the genesis of cellulite, the presence of extracellular toxic ions, deposited following alterations of vascular microcirculation.

The action of Alidya is exerted by the solubilization, and consequently the removal of these extracellular toxic elements, as well as the restoration of normal cellular homeostasis, which results clinically in the improvement of areas affected or predisposed to the development of cellulite.

Its composition:

  • Polyaminoacidic Gel
  • D-(+)Glucopyranose Α
  • 1-4 Glucosidic
  • Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Sodium
  • Amino Acid Buffer System with Bicarbonate-Sodium Corrector
  • Osmolarity regulator

The product is supplied in a package with 5 vials containing 340 mg of powder and 5 vials containing 10ml of solvent.


Alidya is the result of the most recent research on pathophysiology called gynoid lipodystrophy “cellulite”.

Its formula has been designed to: 

  • Solubilize and Remove Extracellular Toxic Secondary Elements from Vascular Microcirculation Damage
  • Alkalizing The Extracellular Matrix
  • Improving tissues oxygenation
  • Providing Biological Components For the Restructuring of the Extracellular Matrix
  • Normalize The Physiological Function Of Adipose Tissue

CE marked injectable device formulated by Dr. P. Motolese

AlidyaTM action It must be injected with the mesotherapy technique in the area affected by gynoid lipodystrophy Alidya TM treatment requires on average a minimum of 7 applications up to a maximum of 12 treatments in the specific area involved. To be applied on a weekly basis, with 1-2 vials each session, depending on the extent of the area to be treated.

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